What We Do

Strengthening Cleveland’s Neighborhoods One Leader at a Time

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP) and the Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Foundation believe strongly that a significant strategy for creating positive and sustainable change in Cleveland’s neighborhoods is to provide its engaged leaders the very best opportunities for enhancing their leadership skills.


Since 2006 the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program has identified engaged and passionate community leaders who have had success in creating that positive change. These individuals know that by expanding their leadership capacity they can bring about even greater change for more citizens. NLDP graduates not only seek neighborhood change but they seek the creation of a region and city that works for everyone. The NLDP leadership training model is based on three distinct program segments which all work together to form a comprehensive approach for enhancing the quality of neighborhood leadership.

A Comprehensive Approach

Leadership development Curriculum

Sixteen leadership development sessions over an eleven month period build the leadership skills and confidence participants need to create effective change in their neighborhoods. Topics include: Community Engagement, Group Facilitation, Fundraising, Conflict Resolution and more.

NLDP Program Coaching

Support of NLDP participants and enhancement of their learning opportunities is essential if the program is to be successful. NLDP has developed a customized coaching program for participants and graduates. Each participant is provided with a program coach who is a trained professional that partners with participants to help maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching supports growth and development through self-initiated change.

NLDP Graduate support

Graduation for a NLDP participant creates a new facet of their NLDP journey. The relationship between NLDP and its graduates continues long after graduation. The program provides graduates support in a number of ways. NLDP provides additional coaching opportunities so graduates can gain more knowledge and understanding from program coaches; annual graduate capacity building sessions; enhanced networking opportunities with the over 280 other NLDP graduates and a variety of opportunities to build more successful community programs or projects. The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program strives continually to create a connected network of graduates diligently engaged in positive community change and collaborating with each other in order to enhance the opportunities for success. NLDP graduates are active in over 90% of Cleveland’s neighborhoods thus creating an opportunity for real change.

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