Developing diverse leadership

For Cleveland's Neighborhoods

Investing in Community Leaders

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP) is a leadership training and development program designed for community leaders serving Cleveland’s neighborhoods. NLDP seeks to uniquely develop the diverse leadership abilities of engaged Clevelanders who are committed to creating a city and region which works for everyone.


"The hallmark of our philanthropy is our commitment to invest in people with the values, ability and passion to change the world."

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The Mandel Foundation was established by Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel, of Cleveland, Ohio. Its work is grounded in the belief that exceptional leaders, inspired by powerful ideas, are key to improving society and the lives of people around the world. The Foundation has identified five areas of engagement that receive support, which include: leadership development, management of nonprofits, humanities, Jewish life and urban engagement. Click on the logo below for more information.

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program is a program of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation.


NLDP Graduates


Ilinda Reese

Mount Pleasant

"The greatest gift anyone can give is hope. NLDP opens your mind to the greater level of possibilities and confidence that you can make a difference. NLDP provides the tools and leadership training to empower you to make it happen.”

Jeff Bodziony

Jeff Bodziony


“NLDP is a picture of everything that is right with our city; diverse, talented and unique individuals collaborating for a greater goal. The network of NLDP has the potential to restore our city from the ground up.”

Nozomi Ikuta

Nozomi Ikuta


"NLDP is an awesome mix of passionate students, great classes and workshops and amazing coaches who affirm us as we are, while nudging us to become all we might become."


Pamela Turos


“Being a part of NLDP was like receiving a college-level education without choosing a major or taking out student loans. I gained confidence and skills that had an immediate impact on my leadership in the community.”



Accelerating in our communities

As one of the longest running leadership development programs in Cleveland, the impact of NLDP graduates can be felt every day.



Each NLDP cohort participates in a 16-session program over the course of the year. Program modules are led by experienced, proven local leaders and are focused on highly relevant, actionable topics specifically designed for neighborhood community leaders.

Who You Are... Is How You Lead

Who You Are... Is How You Lead

Participants will strengthen their abilities to think strategically and  keep themselves and others energized about their work in the community.

Group Facilitation and Team Building

Group Facilitation and Team Building

This session helps participants to understand facilitation as a leadership tool by demonstrating ways it can influence group dynamics.

Rallying Your Neighborhood for Change

Rallying Your Neighborhood for Change

This session helps to define a strategic community engagement approach and link it with the community change process.

Service to Community and Yourself

Service to Community and Yourself

This session takes a look at ways to recruit and engage volunteers to your project while being sensitive to their needs and avoiding volunteer burnout.

Program Marketing and Communications

Program Marketing and Communications

This session will challenge participants to consider how their project or organization is perceived by their core constituency and how to project a positive public image.

Program Fundraising

Program Fundraising

Participants will learn the different methods for fundraising and how to build fundraising plans for their community efforts.


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Each year, we welcome a new round of future NLDP graduates to our program. Determining if NLDP might be right for you? Get to know our graduates here. Ready to take the next step and apply for the upcoming cohort? Start the application process below.